Our Company

Rovochem is an emerging Global Speciality Company with German Technology background of manufacturing Speciality Chemicals for application in diversified type of Industries. Our activities range from research to manufacturing of a broad variety of tailor made chemical auxiliaries and specialties for the Textiles , Fibre, Leather and Fur, Paints, Adhesives and Water Treatment industry supported by a powerful commercial and technical customer service.

We have modern processing facilities which enable us to make more than 300 types of chemicals for application in various kinds of Industries. In order to better serve our customers in the specialty chemical markets, Rovochem broadened our chemicals product line and located it’s state-of-the-art facility in the region that ensures the fastest turnaround times for the growing industrial asian markets . We're poised to extend our reach even further with extensive product, industry and supply chain management expertise and a global network of resources.

In the years to come, we will continue to grow by diversifying into other specialty chemical areas. As we do, Rovochem will remain focused to serve as your most Proactive Resourcing

We embrace working with our customers, striving to understand their challenges in order to provide them with customized solutions.We provide customized solutions to our customers , become a part of their efforts and striving to understand the challenges face to excel ever improving quality and expectation of their clients.

Rovochom’s technology in textile auxiliaries , ingredients and compounds not only enhances the quality, performance and value of our consumer’s products, but also works to reduce their environmental impact.