With the advent of Mankind , untreated hides and skins have been processed into usable leather goods. Nowadays important industrial concerns with a worldwide involvement have been emerged from this original craftsman's business.. By means of an efficient product range we maintain our close relationship to the leather industry in the whole world.. Our continuous extensive research and development activities enable us to offer novel products with highest possible levels of customer satisfaction Whether you need degreasing and emulsifying auxiliaries in the Beam House or Wetting and Cleaning agents, Fixers and Binders for Wet-end and Finishing Operations, . our range of tanning products and auxiliaries has been designed to meet the everincreasing demands for cost-effective and more environmentally friendly products .

Our range of Products include

  • Preservative
  • Cleaning and Wetting Agents
  • Degreasing Agents
  • Levellers and Dispersants
  • Dye Fixers
  • Binders
  • Water and Oil Repellants
  • Wax Emulsions