Today Polymer emulsions are essential for numerous applications, and that's why we encounter them in every corner of our day-to-day lives. Rovochem is a reliable supplier of solvent based as well as water based environmentally friendly solutions to the resin manufacturers, paint formulators and additive producers around the globe. Our product ranges of high performance building blocks deliver innovative answers, meeting the growing needs of our customers and their customers to contribute to a more sustainable environment. We offer polymers based on Vinyl acetate (Homopolymers and Copolymers), Vinyl acetate Ethylene, Pure Acrylates and Styrene Acrylates. In addition, also offer emulsions which are water-based and to a large extent require no solvents. For this reason, they are also particularly suitable for the manufacture of environmentally friendly products. We are constantly researching innovative and high performing solutions and offer, versatile, cost-effective and environmentally friendly emulsions for use in paints and coatings which add value to the products of our customers with great respect for the environment today and in the future.

The market for emulsions comprises a range of application areas. Our vinyl acetate- and acrylic-based emulsion co-polymers provide superior cost/performance benefits in a variety of interior and exterior architectural paint formulations. Performance advantages include excellent touch-up, flexibility, abrasion resistance, scrub resistance, gloss, water resistance and durability many of these industries have a strong base in their respective countries and therefore have to be serviced locally. We are making strong presence in many different countries throughout the world for suiting the need for sometimes even tailor-madesolutions for customers.

Major Applications

  • Adhesives
  • Decorative & industrial paints
  • Construction
  • Technical Textiles