Rovochem’s broad range of textile auxiliaries help ensure high performance on a wide variety of cellulosic & synthetic fabrics and blends. The products are specially designed for various requirements of textile industry such as pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing. Available at competitive prices, these products offer excellent end results and help to achieve the desired properties . Rovochem is a proven partner for customers involved in textile value chain, and is constantly developing sustainable solutions for the future. We offer our customers innovative solutions in all process stages across the entire textile value chain. Together with customers, we want to develop innovative and sustainable solutions through process optimization, eco-efficient products and solutions, quality assurance and developing innovative effects and functions. We help customers with flexible, cost-efficient, eco-friendly solutions. We offers solutions for :

  • Sizing
  • Pretreatment
  • Dyeing Auxiliaries
  • Printing Auxiliaries
  • Finishing Auxiliaries
  • Special Finishing


With the advent of latest high speed weaving looms, the need for proper sizes and waxes has become of paramount imporatance..For fabrics made from cotton or blends, the warp threads are coated with waxes and sizes to prevent the threads breaking during weaving. Rovochem’s offer synthetic sizing agents based on polyacrylate chemistry which are ready to use and easily removable during the desizing process.

Products for Sizing

  • Sizing Agent : Acropan® DCO, Acropan® ARC, Acropan® RSN, Acropan® SHT
  • Sizing Additive : Acrowax ® MW , Acrowax ® SRS


An efficient pretreatment is the first step to excellence in the subsequent dyeing or printing. We offer a complete range for all key pretreatment processes, including desizing, scouring, bleaching and mercerizing. Our product range of pre-treatment allows the optimum cleaning of natural and man-made fibres in short and efficient processes..Apart from cleaning the material, a change in the fibre structure can take place in the pre-treatment phase ,whereby entirely new material properties can be produced. Ourr pretreatment range can provide adapted solutions for any preparation: Our technical experts work hard to optimize the pretreatment process for the whole range of machines, be it continuous or discontinuous. Our range guarantee a consistently high quality which ever the textile process you

Products for pretreatment:

  • Sequestering Agents: Rovoquest ® FSB, Rovoquest ® RSB, Rovoquest ® FGN,: Rovoquest ® SRN
  • Desizing Agents: Rovozyme ® ANB , Rovolase ® OXD
  • Wetting and Cleaning agents : Rovogen ® FW, Rovogen ® CSI, Rovogen ® SDO, Rovogen ® FGN, Rovogen ® FGN
  • Wetting and Detergent Agents : Claripurg ® MR
  • Peroxide Stabilizer : Stabozin ® ARS. Stabozin ® BS10 , Stabozin ® SRF. Stabozin ® ARS, Stabozin ® SRF

Dyeing Auxiliaries

World is full of colors and and only coloured textiles create fashion. Coloring process of textile materials is only done with the support of auxiliaries for good level, uniform and homogenous dyeing.. Textile materials are dyed with textile dyes in aqueous media. In conjunction with the dyes, the dyeing additives used permit the even surface distribution of the dye, the desired colour depth and brilliance, the necessary colour fastness so that colours do not fade Our new generation of dyeing auxiliaries enable to achieve color standards set by the leading buying and merchandising houses. . Fibers variety cause multiple dying processes and dyes types. Our dyeing auxiliaries can be used with direct, disperse, reactive, acid, basic, indigo, sulphur and indanthrene dyes ant these dyeing process. With the specific functions delivered by the selected dyeing auxiliaries, optimal dyeing results can be achieved and thus spoiled batches can be avoided.  

Products for Dyeing :

  • Dispersing Agent : Demol ® PLR , Demol ® RJL, Demol ® RJL 50
  • Process Auxiliaries : Mergopan ® HRS
  • Anti-creasing : Emirix® ZA , : Emirix® TSI
  • Reducing Agent : Reduxol ® FS
  • pH regulators : Rovocid ® KES, Rovocid ® PBS
  • Reducing Agent : Fixagen ® MRS , Fixagen ® BSD, Fixagen ® LFD
  • Washing Off : Basopan ® ASN , Basopan ® WSN , Basopan ® RSN , , Basopan ® SGR , Basopan ® SMC,
  • Washing Off : Rovofoam ® DS 40, Rovofoam ® DS 60, Rovofoam ® NS 100

Printing Auxiliaries

Printing has a big place on textile coloration processes as Dyeing has presented solid surface only. Printing gives more color and bring real pictures to textile and offer visual colorful presentation to the end users. RovoChem offers a wide range of printing auxiliaries to the processors which helps to achieve standard uniform printing coloration. We cover all types of printing auxiliaries, from reactive printing to direct printing, from disperse printing to acid printing, from recharge printing to devore printing.., with aqueous-based printing pastes on all screen printing and textile roller printing machines .A large variety of dye classes require a large number of different printing techniques. The challenge for us is to provide a selection of specialist products for all printing processes, dye classes and fibre types..  

 Products for pigment printing:

  • Binders : Muprintol ® CPG, Muprintol ® SFF
  • Synthetic thickening agents : Muprintol ® TCN

Finishing Auxiliaries

 Fiinishing processes brings high quality to textile materials by increasing aesthetic and practical features in the fabric appearance , giving it a final touch . Latest textile finishing offers a variety of effects on all textiles, .and adds value of textile materials.Regardless of the fibre type: apart from the soft feel, the smoothness, shine, bounce, wear comfort, non-iron qualities, fullness or static inhibitors are decisive criteria nowadays for purchasing textiles by the Consumers,. RovoChem’s finishing auxiliaries gives extra features to textile materials by special developed chemical structures. Our silicone based auxiliaries have width range and variety. Macro, Micro and Semi-Micro silicone based softeners hydrophilic silicone softeners, mixture silicone softeners, reactive and elastomeric silicones, and special silicones have been developed by our technology German Partners with care of textile industry needs. Our finishing agents are therefore indispensable textile additives in the textile finishing chain With their high quality and cost-effectiveness our products make industrial processing of textiles easier for more effectiveness and smooth-running processes. We offer you a balanced product mix which makes use of proven knowledge but does not hesitate to use new technologies.

 Products for finishing:

  • Silicone Softeners : Rovosil® SE, Rovosil® SE 160, Rovosil® SM 200, Rovosil® SM 240, Rovosil® SLR , Rovosil® SLR 100 , Rovosil® HSS
  • Organic Softeners : Lissomoll ® PED, Lissomoll ® CTS
  • Stiffening agents : Rovostiff ® HRD

Special Finishing

Growing awareness and competitiveness make textile to march towards special effects and consumer oriented . Special Finishes or functional finish are the treatments that are applied to the fabric to make them suited for specific uses. Rovochem’s special finishing auxiliaries gives extra features to textile materials by special developed chemical structures 

Products fo Special finish:

  • Easy Care Finish : Rovocare® HST, Rovocare® MEQ
  • Flame Retardant : Rovoflam® NFR, Rovoflam® DR
  • Anti-microbial Finish : RovoFresh ® DU
  • Water and Oil Repellant : Rovopel® OST
  • Soil Release Agent : Rovolease ® SRK, Rovolease ® SRP