Water – our focus, our passion – it is essential to both industrial and commercial operations. Our team of expertise have developed a wide array of innovative water treatment solutions. The Mission of the Water Treatment Division at Rovochem is very simple. Provide complete management of our customer's water chemical related needs. To provide the right solution enables you to lower your operating cost , improved reliability , lower waste and disposal costs and better environmental compliance and thus enable you to have increased process efficiency. Regardless of the type of water we are dealing with: Potable, Process, Cooling, Boiler, Closed, or Waste, we have the ability to fulfill those needs. Rovochem’s Water Treatment Chemicals has provided water treatment chemicals and products for municipal water, industrial wastewater, paper mill, oil and gas production and agricultural customers. Our range of products include

  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Defoamers
  • Disperstants
  • Anti-foulants
  • Stabilizers

The most important fields of application are:

  • Municiipility Water
  • Agriculture
  • detergents and household cleaners, dish-washing liquids, industrial cleaners, glass and bottle cleaning
  • textile auxiliaries
  • cosmetics
  • oilfield water treatment
  • cooling water treatment
  • stabilisation of peroxides
  • stabilisation of bleaching baths
  • corrosion inhibition
  • liquification of concrete, liquification of ceramic slurries, dispersion of pigments in paints
  • reverse osmosis / membrane cleaning, desalination